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"We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors."
-- Lyndon B. Johnson



Leadership Professional Development
One Size Doe Not Fit All: What It Really Means to Bring Your "Whole" Self to Work Making the Application Work for You - USA Jobs & Career Connector
Business Enhancement Skills Elements of an Effective Self-Assessment
What It Takes to be a Revenue Agent & Revenue Officer Emerging Professionals: Step Up, Take Charge and Own It!
What It Takes to be an Analyst  


Professional Development
AIM Remix: The Mission, Goals & Relevance in the 21st Century
Social Media, You & Organizations in the 21st Century


Leadership Professional Development
Leadership in the Workplace Journey to a Successful Career
Business Enhancement Skills Mentors - Making It Matter
Things To Do When You're Riding the Struggle Bus Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP)
Crucial Conversations


Leadership Professional Development
Perception is Reality

"AIM" for the Sky: Move Beyond Where You Are

Business Enhancement Skills

Change, Change, Change (Adapting to Change at Work)

The Oz Principle:  Individual and Organizational Accountability

Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP)

Tools to Solving Our Own Problems (Handout)

Communication Planning For The Future

Interviewing Skills P1, P2, P3, P4

Thrift Savings Plan and Wealth Building

The Art of Networking

What you need to know about Social Security


Opening Session - Dr. Greta Peay Leadership
What's In Your Backpack Perception is Reality
Business Enhancement Skills Play To Your Strengths
5 Principles of Effective Meetings Political Savvy
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Servant Leadership
Life is a Project Relationships
Time Management Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
Communication Professional Development
Essential Skills in Dynamic Public Speaking Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP)
How To Communicate With Diplomacy, Tact and Credibility


Moving Ahead: Breaking Behavior Patterns That Hold You Back

Thrift Savings Plan - Roth Options


Working the Room (Networking: Learn To Mingle Like A Pro)
 - Top Networking Techniques
True Colors
 - Contact Karen Price


Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Perception is Reality
Expectations of a Behavioral Mock Interview (Pt 1) Seriously, Is That Me?

Expectations of an Interactive Mock Interview (Pt 2)

Personal/Consumer Credit
Political Savvy The Power of Positive Thinking
Front Line Readiness/Department/Senior Manager Programs The Art of Leadership: Growing Individuals, Teams and the Organization
Thrift Savings Plan - The New Roth Option Assertive Communication
Applying for Jobs Using Career Connector Networking Between Business Operating Divisions
Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP) The Leader as a Coach


Dealing With and Managing Generational Differences Managing Change in the Workplace

Accepting Differences & Making Them Work

AIM-IRS Career Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP)

IT Security Training and Awareness Workshop (Part 1)

IT Security Training and Awareness Workshop (Part 2)

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader
Unleashing Your Dreams: Living Up to Your Potential It Takes One to Know One - The IRS Executive in You

Business Etiquette: "Stop Embarrasing Your Boss and Yourself"

Career Planning

Financial Advice For Retirement Planning

Leading Effective Meetings

Essentials for Dynamic Public Speaking

Identity Theft

1st Impressions: Dressing for Success Help! How Do I Decide My Next Career Move and How to Apply?

Life Changing Conversations

Managing Multiple Projects

Mock Interviews

Preparing Effective Resumes

Social Networking for Organizations

Teamwork: Share Your Knowledge

The Art of Networking

The Ratings War

Writing a Self Assessment

You, Your Spouse and Your Career


Applying for Jobs in the Future using "Career Connector" Effective Decision Making

How to Win at Work

Managing Your Boss

Preparing for a Successful Interview

Interview Questions

Communicating With Impact
CPR for the Communication Challenge Crucial Conversations

Frontline Leader Readiness Program (Newly Designed)

Leading in the 21 st Century or Aiming to Lead the Way

The Power of Positive Thinking-1

The Power of Positive Thinking-2

The Power of Positive Thinking-3

IT Security Training and Awareness

So…You Want to be a Manager

Streamlining Clutter

Managing Multiple Priorities Effective Listening – Can You Hear Me Now?

FERS – What You Need to Know

The Art of Networking

Building a Better You – Building a Better Team

Everyday Work Life in the Office

Financial Planning/401K

Leadership in the Workplace

Improving Workplace Behavior

Joy on the Job

Joy on the Job Role Play

Making Work Fun Again

AIM Career Assistance Mentoring Program


Achieving Work Life Balance Communicating With Deplomacy

Can I Afford to Retire?

(The Power of Your Word)

Behavioral Interviewing

Confilct Resolution Styles & Techniques
Crossing the Line Dealing with Office & Organizational Politics

Decison Making & Problem Solving

Job Futures in IRS

Generational Workplace

How to Follow the Leader
Human Relations in Business C.A.M.P.
Managing, Motivating, and Leading People Positive Approach to Difficult People
Presenting with Pizzazz Who’s on First? The Essentials of an Effective Team
Workplace Dispute Prevention Recruitment: Attracting the Best to IRS


Where do We Go From Here? Marketing Yourself


Health Wise for Men

Changing of the Guards
(Career Development & Succession Planning)

Leading Virtual & Remote Teams
How Prepared are you for the Next Job? Turning the Evaluation Around

IRS Strategic Goals FY2008
(The Quest for Gaining the Competitive Edge)

Stand & Deliver
Writing MPQ's and KSA's C.A.M.P Mentoring Program
Did I Understand You Correctly? I thought You Said.... Show Me the Ropes
Communication - Negative/Constructive Feedback Overcoming a Negative Reputation
Understanding and Managing Conflict Working the Room
(Learn to Mingle Like a PRO)


FLRP Career Planning

Succession Planning

The New You!! Reinventing Yourself
Show Me the Ropes - Mentoring Marketing Yourself


As Good As It Gets Your Word is Your Wand
Career Management Basics Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives, Organizations, and Deadlines


Advance Your Career by Going to College
Managing Your Finances Budget Worksheet Example
The IRS Stragic Plan IRS Education Breakdown
Can You Handle The Truth? Reaching Higher Ground


Managing Outlook CPE Quiz Managing Your Manager
Inventory Mgmt RA Managing Outlook
Self Assessment SMRP
RO Inventory Mgmt Methods TDA RO Inventory Methods TDI
First Line Mgr Matrix QBQ Presentation
Avoiding Safety Hazards Using KSA's to get You To the Interview
Communications Dealing with Difficult People
Self Development How to Conduct a Successful Meeting
Election process Election process Quiz
Report Writing Presentation Do You Need A Makeover (mentoring)
Managing Motivation Report Writing
Report Writing Techniques Report Writing
Successful First Line Mgrs Successful First Line Mgrs IRS Leadership
Working for America - Federal Employment Opportunities Succeeding in Spite of Racism
Presenting with Pizzaz Affirmative Employment
Personal Effectiveness Inventory How E-Learning.....
Stress Management Manage What You Say
Managing, Motivating & Leading People Reinventing Yourself

Ethics #1 & Ethics #2

Hand Exercises