President's Corner


A Word From Your President - Dec 2016


Season's Greetings,

This is that time of year that we look forward to spending quality time with family and friends as we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!  May this holiday season bring you much joy, peace, love and happiness.

I am excited about our upcoming year and moving the organization up a little higher, as we make plans to implement new ideas, practices, policies and procedures.  Just to name a few……

1. We will be working closely with Stakeholders, Partners, Education and Communications (SPEC) in moving our organization into a National Partner Coalition and will be implementing policies and procedures that will outline this process.  In efforts to make this happen we will need members who are heavily involved in VITA to become a part of the Implementation Team that will assist our National VITA Coordinator Kathy Dixon with executing this process.

2. We are also going to revisit Corporate Sponsorships/Grants and are looking for some of our retired members to assist us with making this become a reality for the organization and not just a topic of conversation.

3.  We are looking forward to engaging the Retired Workforce in many of our functions and activities and to help us do this, Past National President George Shores has agreed to serve as the National Retirement Committee Chair.

4. The National By-Laws Committee, chaired by RVP Karen Price is working on reviewing and identifying any inconsistencies between the By-Laws, Per Forma By-Laws and Manual of Operations. Any findings will have proposals for changes presented during our upcoming ABMTS in Arlington, Texas.

5.  Our Newsletter is scheduled to be available by January 22, 2017.  If you have an article you would like to submit from your Region and/or Chapter, please submit them by January 10th to Erica at

6. We will continue to use email for communication, however, when possible we will be using the website more and email less in communicating to our members. So please remember to periodically check the website for updates.    

We are still soliciting for individuals interested in becoming a part of the Marketing & Communication Team, with emphasis on our Media outlets. If anyone is interested in being a part of this team, please contact Michael Lynch at or James Kent at

ABMTS - We now have locations and hotels for the next 3 ABMTS….
2017 Sheraton Hotel Arlington, Texas
2018 Orlando Marriott Airport Lakeside Orlando, Florida 
2019 our “50th” year celebration will be at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Newport News, Virginia.

Due to technical difficulties with the website, we were unable to get the 2017 ABMTS registration packet out on the web, will have it available before the end of January.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ja Rita S. Johnson, President