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    This page is to highlight the great career accomplishments of our members. Our mission states that we educate and develop our members to their fullest career and personal potential, and instill in them the highest degree of confidence in their abilities. This is a place to show how successful we are in accomplishing this aspect of our mission.

Therefore, please submit any promotions, assignment changes, details or other career celebratory news to our website administrator.


Region Accomplishments




Cynthia Bryant was selected for the 2017 Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development Program.

North Atlantic


Ken Corbin, Director (Return Integrity and Compliance Services), IRS Wage and Investment Division (W&I), will replace W&I Commissioner Debra Holland after she retires December 31. Ken has also held various positions at W&I, including Deputy Director (Submission Processing). Earlier in his IRS career, he was Field Director at the Austin, TX, Submission Processing Center. He also served briefly in 2013 as Acting Director of Exempt Organizations in the IRS Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division.

Mary Epps was accepted into the 2016 Executive Readiness (XR) Program. The XR Program is designed to help senior managers develop the competencies they need to be competitive for the Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development Program (CDP).

Arielle Lewis was selected for the Gatekeeper detail position in Telephone System Support for the FY2017 Filing Season.

Yvonne Pitter is on a 120-day detail to the National EDI as the acting Associate Director of Operations. This position reports directly to the Executive, Elita Christiansen, who reports to Commissioner Koskinen.

Tina Younger is on a 120-day detail to the CARE organization where she will be acting as the Supervisory Program Analyst for CARE HQ’s Planning & Analysis. She takes on the responsibilities of providing oversight to such programs as Budget, Op Reviews, Business Performance Report, Commissioner's Update, Treasury Inspector General Tax Administration (TIGTA), Government Accountability Office (GAO) and other Audit programs, Training, Travel, Contracts, Most Serious Problems (MSP), Annual Assurance, Legislative Affairs, Human Capital and numerous other programs.

Jean-Gabriel Etienne, Fred Harrington, William Major, and Keisha Rainey were selected as new hire instructors from November 2, 2016 thru January 13, 2017.


Colleen Keeton-Sims was on a detail/temp promote from 1/2016 to 3/2016 in DC in Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning and Technology Direction. On 3/2016 she participated on a one year, temporary promotion to IT User and Network Services as a Group Desk Manager. 

Dr. Collette Keeton began serving as a Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) member for the state of GA in February of 2016. She serves in the 2016-2019 cohort and works on the Special Projects Committee. During 2016, Keeton served on the following sub-committees: TAP Newsletter Team; eServices; Outreach Tool-Kit; and TAP Facebook administration. Collette volunteered to work on the TAP interviewing panel to select new 2017-2020 TAP members and alternates to replace those who fulfilled their terms.

She also was invited to serve with the IRS team commissioned to update Affordable Care Act (ACA) information in giving TAP representative and taxpayer perspectives suggestions on edits to the ACA publications and forms. In June of 2016, Keeton did a TAP presentation with a GA TAP partner at the Tax Payer Advocate Congressional Session held in Atlanta, GA. She was invited to attend by Executive Star Smith who also chaired the session.

Dr. Keeton is also a newly hired instructor on the AD special schedule for the Department of Defense School System.


Tammye Butler, Southeast Regional Representative, was selected (Sep 2016) for an LR/ER Specialist for the Chicago/St. Louis Team. She will maintain her POD in Memphis.

Tony Wakefield, was selected (Feb 2017) to head the CDS Division for the campus as Supervisory HR Specialist (Chief).

Arthur White, has been promoted from front line manager W&I Field Assistance in Houston, TX to Supervisory Individual Tax Advisor Specialist (i.e. Territory Manager) for the Chicago Territory