47th ABMTS 

The 2016 Annual Business Meeting and Training Seminar was
Aug 4-6, 2016 in the ATL - Atlanta, GA.

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Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

Rate: $99/night
Rate Availability: Aug 3-7, 2016
Last day to book: July 14, 2016

Conference Schedule At-A-Glance

August 4: Thursday

   1p - 6p   Registration (Coat Room)
                Natl Board Meeting (Gulfstream)
   6p - 8p   Meet the Candidates Reception
                      (Salon B & C)
August 5: Friday
     7a - 4p     Registration (Coat Room)
7:45a - 8:45a Delegate Credentialing
     9a - 6p     Annual Business Mtg/National
                           Elections (Gulfstream)

August 6: Saturday
     1p - 6p        Registration (Coat Room)
8:30a - 9:45a   Workshop 1 (Gulfstream)
9:45a - 11:15a Workshop 2 (Gulfstream)
12p - 2:45p   Luncheon (Gulfstream)
                       Natl Awards
                       Natl Officer Inauguration
3p - 4:30p    Plenary Session (Gulfstream)

We as an organization continuously strive to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and experience across the country. Below are the forms needed for...
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Conference Schedule    


47th ABMTS Summary

AIM-IRS had an outstanding time at the 47th Annual Business Meeting & Training Seminar in the ATL. This was our 1st modified conference. Though it may have been shorter in the number of days, the impact was TREMENDOUS!!!

We did what was needed to handle business during the National Board Meeting and the Annual Business meeting. There were several updates (see some below). We especially had a great time hearing the activities from the regions. Felicia Thompkins, RVP of the Southeast region, set the stage and we continued to climb from there. Please know that we are doing some wonderful things in all the regions. Make sure you get involved.

Then we were enlightened by the top brass on the keys to effective preparation to go "Beyond the Limits". Joyce Williams & Sherry Brockman, Jim Rogers & Felicia Trevillion, and the panel of Jim Rogers, Denise Vaughn & Rick Byrd combined data, realism, humor & motivation that left memorable impressions on all that attended.

We would like to thank all those who planned, presented, organized, participated and supported in any way. We thank the staff of the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway and the vendors who came out. A special thanks to Tina Younger, Atlanta Chapter President for being the critical 'go to' person that ensured this conference's success.

47th ABMTS Highlights

News from the Annual Business Meeting
   1) This year's souvenir book is presented in an eBook format. Annette Baldwin has done an excellent job with this new format. Check it out!!!  (This file is large (16MB). It will take some time to download)
   2) The 2015 CFC allocations have been provided. Please contact your RVP to determine your allotment. Also, the 2014 funds requested need to be finalized no later than 12/31/2016.
   3) We did not come to an agreement on a designated national fundraising activity. But we are strongly encouraging each chapter/region to implement efforts that will help meet our 2016/2017 fundraising goal of roughly $13,500.
   4) The GS-7 & Below, Modestine Haynes & Shirley Ray scholarships have implemented a limitation of 3 times to receive the scholarship. For the Modestine Haynes & Shirley Ray, this is a combined total.
   5) Chapter of the Year submissions will be by eBook only, beginning in 2017.
Congratulations to our newly elected National Officers - Ja Rita Johnson was elected National President and James Kent as National Sr. Vice President. Congratulations to both of you! We are excited about the vision and direction of the J & J Coalition towards our 50th Anniversary.

Congratulations to the National Awards Recipients
 - Wyatt Trent - Linda Dyer (Midwest)
 - Bobby Wyche - Gloria Gibson (Southwest)
 - EEO Meritorious - Arlene Goode (Southwest)

There were no GS-7 & Below Award applicants / recipients

Congratulations to the Modestine Haynes Scholarship recipient
 - Melody Duncan - Western

Congratulations to the Shirley Ray Scholarship recipients (13)
 - Charisma V. Davis - Midwest
 - Nathan Givens - Southeast
 - Brandi Holt - Southeast
 - Reana Johnson - Southeast
 - Melanie Jones -  Midwest
 - Dr. Collette Keeton - Southeast
 - Ervin Moore III - Southwest
 - Jordan Patrick - Southeast
 - Joseph Patrick - Southeast
 - Jadea R. Sanford - Southeast
 - QuaDra Shanks - Southeast
 - Camilla Tealer - Southwest
 - Roberta D. Williams - Southwest

Chapter of the Year
1st Place - Atlanta Chapter
2nd Place -
Houston Chapter
3rd place - Cincinnati Srvc Ctr Chapter

Congratulations to our new Regional Reps
 - Tammye Butler - Southeast
 - Erika Dawson - Central
 - Mimi Orr-Tubbs - Midwest
 - Derek Ganter - Western

Congratulations to our new RVPs

 - Gwenda Carter-Louis - Central

Conference Schedule
Workshop Synopsis
Souvenir eBook      
(This file is large (16MB). It will take some time to download)

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