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The convening of the AIM-IRS 46th Annual Business Meeting and Training Seminar will be hosted by the Midwest Region.
Join us Aug 4-7, 2015 in the Gateway of the Midwest, St. Louis, MO. This year's theme is

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"AIMing For A Brighter Future"

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We truly had church all week at the 46th Annual Business Meeting & Training Seminar. The Opening Session kicked things off on a spiritual launching pad. Gary Thomas sang Stand and it was over!!! Our MC, Jim Rogers continued the ascent, then our keynote Speaker, Marlon Lee from the Urban League set our event into an orbit that we dared not come down from. The workshops are OUTSTANDING! The Networking event and the Gala were PHENOMENAL! Then we ended with an Inter-faith service that was standing room only. The AIM chior, AIM (Angels In Motion) Praise Dancers and an excellent message from Min. James Kent II entitled, "Keep Your Fork". The participants left this conference on a trajectory toward greatness.

We would like to thank all those who planned, presented, organized, participated and supported in any way. Please congratulate our Conference Co-chairs: Wendy Mooring & Jennifer Williams for an excellent conference.

It is impossible to express all the experiences but here are some highlights.

News from the Annual Business Meeting
   1) We have changed the format for the conference on the even years. We will have our business meeting as required. Instead of having the remaining full conference (networking, Gala and career development workshops), we will focus on Leadership Training. This will only be a 2 day event. In 2016, we will have a fundraising cruise at the conclusion of the 2 day event.  

Congratulations to the National Awards Recipients
 - Wyatt Trent - Terry Lewis (Southeast)
 - Bobby Wyche -Jennifer Williams (Midwest)
 - EEO Meritorious - Nesbit Parker (Southeast)

Congratulations to the GS-7 & Below Award recipients (6)
 - Felecia Butler - Midwest
 - Tammye Butler - Southeast
 - Deborah Dowell - Central
 - Michael Hester - Mid-Atlantic
 - Maebell Maddox - Southeast
 - Mary Catherine Taylor - Central

Congratulations to the Modestine Haynes Scholarship recipients (1)
 - Colleen L. Keeton - Southeast

Congratulations to the Shirley Ray Scholarship recipients (6)
 - Rihanna Harrison - Southwest
 - Brittany Henderson - Southwest
 - Melanie Jones – Midwest
 - Collette L. Keeton - Southeast
 - Jessye Remington Story - Mid-Atlantic
 - Roberta D. Williams - Southwest


Chapter of the Year
1st Place - Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
2nd Place - Memphis Chapter

Congratulations to our new RVPs
 - Sirlena Johnson - Midwest
 - Karen Price- Southwest
 - Cheryl Green - Western

Congratulations to our new Regional Reps
 - Elise Reynolds- Midwest


National Fundraiser Raffle Winner