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The convening of the AIM-IRS 45th Annual Business Meeting and Training Seminar will be hosted by the North Atlantic Region. Join us Aug 5-8, 2014 in historic Danvers, MA. This year's theme is

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"Soaring Through the Trials of Transition"

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DoubleTree Boston North Shore
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GS-7 & Below Scholarships Nominations due May 30th
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une 30th

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This year is an election year for our National President and National Senior Vice President roles. Below are the essay submissions for the candidates of the offices.

Nesbit Parker       JaRita Johnson     


     The 45th Annual Business Meeting & Training Seminar was POWERFUL. Debra Farrar-Parkman, our Opening Session speaker, had us ecstatic in laughter but also made us think about where we can go with this organization because of the strength gained through our struggles. Though the numbers were lower than expected, the poignancy and impact of the workshops was life changing. The events were remarkable and the food was scrumptious (especially the clam chowder). Then we ended with a fantastic message from Rev. Marshall LaNier, Jr, entitled, "Change Your Attitude and God Will Change Your Mind".

We would like to thank all those who planned, presented, organized, participated and supported in any way. Please congratulate our Conference Co-chairs: Cheryl Green & Jennifer Williams for an excellent conference.

It is impossible to express all the experiences but here are some highlights.

News from the Annual Business Meeting
   1) Due to the decreasing conference attendance and other pertinent factors, we resurrected the discussion of convening, in this format on a bi-annual basis. We will be voting on this topic during the St. Louis Conference.  
   2) Nesbit Parker and Ja Rita Johnson were elected for a 2nd term as National President and National Sr. Vice President. Congratulations for your continued leadership!!!

Congratulations to our elected National Officers   
National President, Nesbit Parker and National Sr. Vice President, Ja Rita Johnson were both re-elected for a 2nd term. We look forward towards the continuation of your leadership in charting the course for our continued success.

Congratulations to the National Awards Recipients
 - Wyatt Trent - Karen Price (Southwest)
 - Bobby Wyche -Darlene Griffin (Mid-Atlantic)
 - EEO Meritorious - Kathryn Houston(Southwest)

Congratulations to the GS-7 & Below Award recipients (7)
 - Felecia Butler - Midwest
 - Tammye Butler - Southeast
 - Erica Campbell - Central
 - Deborah Dowell - Central
 - Savon Gibson - Central
 - Maebell Maddox - Southeast
 - Andrea Sandidge - Southeast

Congratulations to the Modestine Haynes Scholarship recipients (2)
 - Billy Brown, Jr - Mid-Atlantic
 - Angela Parker - Mid-Atlantic


Congratulations to the Shirley Ray Scholarship recipients (15)
 - Lonnia Berry
 - Billy Brown, Jr. – Mid-Atlantic
 - Chandelis R. Duster
 - Brianna Enck – North Atlantic
 - Kelsey Hines – Southwest
 - Melanie Jones – Midwest
 - Jaunice Kent – Central
 - Angela Parker – Mid-Atlantic
 - Angelynne  Parker – Mid-Atlantic
 - Jordan Patrick
 - Anthony Peter
 - Andrea Sandidge – Southeast
 - Jessye Storey – Mid-Atlantic
 - Taylor Young

Chapter of the Year
1st Place - Houston Chapter
2nd Place - Fresno Chapter
3rd place - DC Chapter

Congratulations to our new Regional Reps
 - Gwenda Carter-Louis - Central
 - Estelle Davis-Varnado - Southeast
 - Colleen Keeton-Sims - Southeast
 - Felecia Trevillion - Western
 - Renee Wells - Midwest

Congratulations to our new RVPs

 - Fran Mathews - North Atlantic Region


National Fundraiser Raffle Winners
1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $200
3rd Place - $100

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