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The convening of the AIM-IRS 44th Annual Business Meeting and Training Seminar will be hosted by the Western Region in wonderful Las Vegas, NV at the Tuscany Suites and Casino. This year's theme is
"Determining Our Destiny Through a Higher AIM"
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Payment Plan Option
We definitely recognize the climate of the economy and we realize the value of attending this year's conference. So to facilitate a win-win situation, we are providing a payment plan option for interested parties. The plan is 3 equal payments beginning March 15th. Click here for details.

Hotel Registration
Tuscany Suites - Las Vegas

When you register, use the group rate code of 'AIM-IRS'
Be aware that upon registering, you will be charged for your 1st day's stay immediately.
IMPORTANT NOTE2: Be also informed that your remaining registered days will be charged upon check in.

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We as an organization continuously strive to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and experience across the country. Below are the forms needed for...
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Committee Schedule 
Souvenir Book Ads & Patrons due April 15th
Chapter of the Year Books due May 15th
GS-7 & Below Scholarships Nominations due May 30th
National Awards nominations due June 30th


The 44th Annual Business Meeting & Training Seminar was fantastic. We had about 150 registrants with 20 1st timers. Dr. Greta Peay, our Opening Session speaker, led us through a wonderful introspective inventory entitled, "What's is in your backpack?"

We would like to thank all those who planned, presented, organized, participated and supported in any way. Please congratulate our Conference Co-chairs: Cheryl Green & Annie Ray for an excellent conference.

It is impossible to express all the experiences but here are some highlights.

News from the Annual Business Meeting
   1) Conference will continue to be held on an annual basis. 45th ABMTS will be hosted by the North Atlantic Region.
   2) Fannie Smith has been selected as our new Hotel Negotiator/Event Planner.
   3) The Fundraising Cruise discussion has been tabled for the moment.
    4) We had a total of 17 submissions for the Modestine Haynes and new Shirley Ray Scholarship. We had funds allocated for 14 scholarships. As a gesture of commitment to excellence, 3 people committed $1,000 each to cover the remaining scholarships.

1st time accomplishments
   1) Online Registration
   2) Payment Plan
   3) Leadership forum conducted via video conference
   4) Conference/Workshop surveys conducted electronically.

Congratulations to our new RVPs
 - Nilka Enck - North Atlantic Region
 - Jesse Evans - Western Region
 - James Kent - Central Region
 - Felicia Thompkins - Southeast Region

Congratulations to the National Awards Recipients
 - Wyatt Trent - James Kent (Central)
 - Bobby Wyche -Cheri Blair (Midwest)
 - EEO Meritorious - Jesse Evans (Western)

Congratulations to the GS-7 & Below Award recipients
 - Tammye Butler - Southeast
 - Brenda Coachman - Central
 - Melody Duncan - Midwest
 - Thomas Herron - Southeast
 - Arielle Lewis - Southeast
 - Denise Marshall - Southwest
 - Michael Reid - Central
 - Betty Williams - Southeast

Congratulations to the Modestine Haynes Scholarship recipients
 - Billy Brown, Jr - Mid-Atlantic
 - Tammye Butler - Southeast
 - Charles Dobson - Mid-Atlantic
 - Jolie Martin - Central
 - Angela Parker - Mid-Atlantic
 - Deidre Phyall - Mid-Atlantic
 - Shiva Smith - Mid-Atlantic
 - Felicia Wright - Southwest

Congratulations to the Shirley Ray Scholarship recipients
 - Jamil R. Abdur-Rahman - Southeast
 - Lauren Grimes - Mid-Atlantic
 - Melanie Jones - Midwest
 - Jaunice Kent - Central
 - Seinga Macauley - Southwest
 - Delishia Noland - Central
 - Angela Parker - Mid-Atlantic
 - Jala White - Southeast
 - Tracey Worley - Mid-Atlantic

Chapter of the Year
1st Place - Fresno Chapter
2nd Place - Houston Chapter
3rd place - Atlanta Chapter


National Fundraiser Raffle Winners
1st Place - $1, 000 Glenna Hardrick
                (Dallas Chapter)
2nd Place - $500 Latifah Hisham
                (Kansas City Chapter)
3rd Place - $200 Adrienne Cooper
                (Milwaukee Chapter